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Massage for guys

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Tantra massage for men | Tantra Temple

When Michael McAleese launched massage for guys massage career inhe mmassage given this piece of rather unhelpful advice from the first person he worked for in the field: He continued to massage for guys clients, and later opened his own massage practice—which has been successful for 14 years. Robert Mabe also ran into difficulty getting started as a massage therapist when he uk wife last year.

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Male massage therapists are oftentimes stereotyped as being a sexual threat, maybe gay, or not a good listener. Then there are those who have faced challenges from ,assage men and women.

Some married women would also discriminate, because if their husbands knew that their wives were being massaged by a male, that could lead to trouble. The news often contains stories of males posing as legitimate massage therapists who engage, or attempt to engage, in illicit or predatory behavior directed at unassuming massage for guys.

10 Things Your Massage Therapist Wants You to Know - The Good Men Project

The way to counter this is to be up front about the nature massage for guys services. Balleto has been a massage therapist for maasage than 20 years.

Balletto always talks with his clients about any fears. If they say yes, I simply refer them on to a female practitioner that I trust. Check in with them throughout the massage for guys and ask for feedback after the massage.

Massage for guys

Male therapists also need to persuade females that they can handle the job just as capably as a woman. Not only in the actual work, massage for guys also in listening and talking with.

Some massage therapists have encountered clients who have had some type of abuse or trauma, or have some other usually unexpressed fears or anxieties that are activated by working with a male massage therapist. Homophobia is probably the biggest issue massage for guys male therapists deal with when it comes to finding male clients. Phrasing can also be highly important.

Why should practitioners of massage for guys massage and bodywork?

Etiquette For Men During Massage - Guide to Good Conduct -

Many say that spas are one of the toughest places massage for guys males to succeed, primarily because clients expect—and request—female therapists. This makes landing a spa job a challenge to begin.

gor Maitland suggests that male massage for guys working at spas should communicate well with the co-workers who book massage sessions.

Massage therapist Massage for guys Hutchinson has also run into roadblocks at spas. Because athletes understand that their bodies are their lives, many of them believe—whether correctly or not—that a male can better help their bigger muscles and frames.

A massage for guys can begin to build an athletic clientele by volunteering at a local high school, community college and sporting events. Not maxsage male therapist believes that they have it tougher than their female colleagues. Plus, the tide seems to be changing.

Many are finding it less an issue than it has been in the past. Some tried massage for guys just because they were hurting and needed something right away. Experienced massage clients are usually more concerned about the quality of the massage than the gender of the therapist.

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Newcomers to massage may be more concerned about whether the therapist is male or female, but experienced massage receivers usually are more concerned with the quality of the massage then massage for guys gender of the therapist, he adds.

The main obstacles to foor are fear and ignorance.

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With persistence, males can be successful massage therapists, with fulfilling and profitable careers. Continue taking more classes and improving techniques.

Massage for guys

Develop a couple of good second commercials. When someone expresses interest in massage, deliver your commercial.

Show how much better you are or can be. Hutchinson, Pacific Massage for guys, California. Doing the exact same thing over and over again massqge boring.

Changing it gives it a fresh spin. Rosendahl, Dakota Dunes, South Dakota.

How To Succeed As A Male Massage Therapist

What do you want today, next year, five years from now? Related Posts.

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Your New Massage Tool: Instrument Assisted Massage for guys Tissue Manipulation. The Top 15 Techniques to Learn in Lyme Disease is Spreading in the U. The Answer is Yes.