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This article is about sex, sex, and more sex, a totally uncontroversial subject in Colombia we can talk about without ti any taboos. Free sex colombia man to men article is about sex because the now-former vice-interior minister felt forced to resign this week after a video was published of him talking about all kinds of steamy gay sex with a policeman who was secretly filming.

Davila succeeded where every other journalist failed. She transcended the complacency of corporate media and did what our job as journalists is; Get rid of corrupt, dishonest or power-abusing politicians, so they can be replaced by competent and honest people.

However, rather than being applauded for forcing the resignation of Palomino, Davila got fired and vilified on social media and by dolombia of her colleagues. In fact, a lot of us walk around free sex colombia man to men repressed because we are made to think that we all should have exactly the same kind of hot prostatutes, so allow me to let you in on a secret.

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Sue me. Nine out of ten have had sex that might surprise or even disgust you; some have a foot fetish, some like being urinated on, and others like being called a slut or be submitted to other types of humiliation. rfee

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Basically, we men have come up with an infinite colobmia of free sex colombia man to men to please ourselves and our partners sexually. The majority of Colombian men I know use or have used the service of prostitutes, disregarding their marital status.

A surprising number of friends have admitted to have had sex with their cousin, some are children of married cousins.

While weird, sex with animals the size of donkeys is not illegal because, even though we men like to think otherwise, a human petite black girl wanted is too small to cause even the slightest inconvenience with a donkey that is used to be penetrated by penises a foot and a half long. Meanwhile sexual abuse is shockingly rampant, not just in the police.

Sex workers are exploited, raped and murdered on a massive scale, but we ignore it. Multiple mab my female friends have been raped and all Colombian women, even elderly women, are submitted to sexual harassment by men on a daily basis.

If this means sacrificing the career of a dishonest wife-cheating minister as Davila also deemed appropriate, so be it. About us Support us Intelligence Contact Us. From the editor.

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